• ...be my maker #12 feat... Fedellos

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...be my maker #12 feat... Fedellos

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Dan's + Natty Boy are ecstatic to bring you an evening with Fedellos, one of the hottest young producers in Ribeira Sacra.

The vineyards of Curro Barreño and Jesús Olivares are planted on dizzyingly steep terraces on the banks of the rivers Sil and Bibei and boast a wide variety of grapes, all of which have to be harvested by hand (try driving a tractor up one of those slopes). Their wines are incredibly fresh and unmistakeably Galician; the whites are intensely mineral, while the reds are ethereal and ALIVE. This is gonna be a stunner, all that's missing is u!

Here are the details:

Dan's - 2-4 Tottenham Rd, N1 4BZ

Monday 26th February


Tickets £45ea

5 wines + light snacks


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