• ...be my maker #5 feat. Domaine Goisot

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...be my maker #5 feat. Domaine Goisot

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OOOO, one of the best kept secrets of Burgundy (not anymore) are the wines of Domaine Guilhem et Jean-Hugues Goisot. This is gonna be a BANGER. BANGIN WINES = BANGIN TASTING

Back 2 our regular Tuesday jobby. Amber from Emile Wines will be running the show, pouring and giving you lot some spiel on 6 (ish) of Goisot's finest. Snacks will also be provided. Food and wine. Age old. 

Grab your ticket now. Spaces limited as per.

Tuesday 21st March, 6.30-8.30pm, dan's 2-4 Tottenham Rd, N1 4BZ

See ya then xoxox

Imagery: @frances_glory_costelloe 

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