15th December – XMAS PAX + BE MY MAKER + 💘

by Megan Jones


Keep it coming, we're suckers 4 punishment over here. Like real suckers.

To make things easier, we've also put together some lil pax, things that can be sent to the painful person who has everything, and will put a smile on their face. These are available here. Go on. The gift you put a tonne of thought into is just waiting to be sent.

What else?

New vintages of Aunis and Hanami from the good folk at Bobinet are staring at me from their box. 

Got some more Gentle Folk toooooo. Bit of Shiraz and Sangiovese action. Last 6 of each. Go!

Randomly also found some more Varron Savagnin from Buronfosse. 2016 too. Bonza. Bugger all though. This has cheese course written all over it.

Spots are shifting for the Saffa tasting in Jan. It's Crystallum and Thorne & Daughters, for those who needed reminding... decent, decent wine.

That's it today, you know what to do, I have packing and shipping to do... love it.

Click here for the Xmas delivery information, with our all important cut-off days n times for guaranteed delivery. 

 Cya round xxx