by Megan Jones


How's life treating you? Thing's are fairly good over here on the Dalston Riviera, thanks for asking. Nice to see the sun again too. Who needs Europe? Wine-aside, that is. 

Today is a great day if you appreciate being drip fed wines from some of planet earth's most elite producers. This one's a doozy. 

First up we hit the slopes in Austria. By slopes I refer to beautiful, terraced vineyards in Styria, far to the east. This is a bit of a hot bed for natty producers focussing on white varieties, and they don't come much hotter than Andreas Tscheppe. As a sign of what is hopefully to be an even more beautiful future, our allocation grew substantially this year, so unlike in previous times, you don't need to fight (too hard). Unless you want too. Detailed notes are available on each wine on their respective pages. Do your bit, do your worst.

Us being us, never resting, always hounding, have managed to secure some more Jessica Litaud. ATM there isn't much hotter property when it comes to Burgundy, and the prices semi-reflect that. On the upside, consider this getting in at the start. I'm mildly concerned about what they'll do to the wallet in the years to come if this release is anything 2 go by. Such is life. Make life good here.

New piss from AMI too. They were in town last week, we didn't see them. Too busy packing orders etc etc etc. C'est la vie. La Dolce Vita. Anyway, we landed some alternative skinsy things as well as an ultra-refreshing light red. Tis the season and all. This is a producer to keep tabs on and drink on sight. They don't make mistakes, particularly on branding. Yummy!

Finally, on the liquid in a bottle front, another fresh arrival from the sunnier hemisphere. Ravensworth are a producer that have always been a large blob on my radar. Their expressions of everything from in and around the ACT are remarkable. Probably the best thing about the ACT if I'm honest. I was happily surprised to see the wines finally wash up on these shores last week. There's a rizza, which is one of the best in Aus, and a skinsy Gris, which is tonic-like. You're welcome.

You know that wine tasting I alluded to earlier? It just so happens that the good folk from Envínate are coming to town in July. Not just to town, but to dan's. I feel like we've all made it now. Tickets are already shifting, and we're expecting a full house. It'll be a ripper. I'm salivating at the prosect. Hammer the link below.