by Megan Jones

How’s it going winos?

Not sure if you’ve cottoned on that it’s always me (Megan) who writes the Thursday emails and therefore I should stop saying ‘Megan here’, but I feel it’s important you know where to give credit when an email is especially excellent. So, Megan here :) everyone enjoying the sun? I’m enjoying that short period in the UK where it’s sunny enough to not wear a jacket but not so sunny that I have to run in between patches of shade to avoid burning my perfect porcelain skin. It’s tough being me.

Speaking of sunshine, boy do we have a tasting for you. On the 12th of June we’re gonna be joined by two of California’s hottest producers. Producer #1 are Lady of the Sunshine (see? Sunshine!). Gina Giugni and her husband Mikey started their Demeter-certified biodynamic winery in 2017, in the Edna Valley appellation on the Central Coast. The wines are all made using native yeasts, no additions, no new oak (yay! California finally got the memo) and are bottled unfined and unfiltered, just the way you natty-heads like them. Producer #2 are Scar of the Sea, also run by Gina and Mikey, and focus on the way the ocean has shaped the climate, soils and geology of the environment they work within, up to that pesky fog that rolls in and covers the vineyards every morning. These projects are both super dope (see the dormant American in me rising up again?). You don’t want to miss this, trust me. Tickets right here.

That’s the sun and the sea taken care of, so all that’s left is sand. If you’re after the trifecta, I’ve got some sand for you too. Well, Sand(hi). Pretty clever of me, I know, coz these wines are also from California, so they’re on brand. Got limited supplies though, so smash the add to cart button asap. Thank u.

In other American offerings, gonna shine a light on Ruth Lewandowski, a) because the wines are great and b) because I learned the other day that winemaker Evan starts vinification in California and then drives a big sloshing vat of grape juice in a refrigerated U-Haul across state lines to finish it up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I just think that’s an insane thing to do and also I’m into it. That’s across three states! It is, look at a map. Smash their orange wine here. We’re also still sitting on a stash of Phelan Farm, which are the GOAT, and who will always have a special place in my heart because our purchasing of them arose out of Dan and I accidentally going to their tasting when we were actually supposed to be at a Georgian wine tasting. Sorry Georgia. But not sorry for you, coz these are sick. Just as well the two of us can’t read a map, ey?

Much as I would love continuing to wax lyrical about the USA (remember that time I lived in New York? Wanna hear about it? No? Okay!) I’ve gotta go. Love u tho!