by Megan Jones

What’s up winos,

If you follow us on Instagram, or skimmed the subject line of this email, you’re probably not even reading this. You’re probably maniacally refreshing the new arrivals page on the website and fumbling to find your credit card. So I’ll keep it brief: new Labet packs just dropped. Already can’t wait for the Monday packing chaos. If you’re one of the lucky ones who manages to snag a pack, don’t forget to drop your mystery wine preferences in the order notes. I’ve got a real knack for picking mystery bottles, if I do say so myself. Give me a crazy brief, I’m ready for it! Put me in, coach!

Now that mad dash is out the way, also in from the Jura are new vintages from Domaine des Marnes Blanches. Ecstatic to have a full house of these bottles again. The Jura shelf is literally groaning under the weight of them all (and having built the shelf myself, I can assure you it’s probably not going to hold). Help me take a load off here.

Béguet also coming in hot with some new estate wines, a sizzlin’ Savagnin and a palate-ticklin’ Trousseau (sorry, I started the alliteration thing so I had to finish it). Tasted these the other day and they are positively singing. You will be too once you get your chops round them. Add 2 cart here.

Finally, the official LC Selections launch party is kicking off at Dan’s from 2pm today. The ever-more-elusive Dan will be here LIVE AND IN PERSON pouring his new acquisitions from the sunnier side of the world. Had a sneaky sip of a couple of them earlier this week, and let me tell you, I am EXCITED about these. Squeezed in between the two Dan’s venues will also be a lil vintage popup from our friends at A Friday in May. I do all my best clothes shopping drunk, personally. So this is pretty dangerous. I hear there’s some kind of sportsball event happening tomorrow that’s bound to end in disappointment so probs safer to avoid the whole thing and come drink wine instead. It’s gonna be a riot. C u there.

That’s all! Now you’ve put a dent in your bank account I’ll leave you to your coffee and your newspaper (or your less generic morning routine, if you have one).

Love u!