by Megan Jones

What’s up winos,

It almost seems redundant at this point to say we have another exciting arrival at Parched HQ, because at the moment barely a day goes by where something exciting doesn’t show up. A good problem to have, I’m sure you’ll agree. But what can I say? Something else exciting just landed!

The summer of expanding Parched’s direct import list rolls on, and we have another doozy for you this week - the elegant, chiselled wines of Manuel Girard from Beaujolais.

Manuel is one of those awesome vignerons who was living a whole other life when he decided to up sticks and start making wine instead. He worked in medical devices for 22 years, and was attending a conference in Bandol when he met a doctor who told him he’d changed careers to pursue wine instead. Manuel thought that sounded genius, so he decided to do the same. He purchased the only house with a cellar he could find (which is as such about twenty times bigger than he needs), and he shares the courtyard with his extremely elderly neighbours (it’s pretty quiet chez Girard). His estate began with Fleurie, where he counts Dutraive among his neighbours, and then extended to Morgon, next to Lapierre. Quite the company he keeps! But more importantly, it means he’s sitting on some pretty excellent terroir. The vines are between 35 and 50 years old, and he uses some copper and sulphur treatments and orange and oregano oils. He works with some biodynamic principles, although he isn’t certified (mostly because getting certified is well expensive). He adds a touch of sulphur just at pressing, but he’s looking to phase that out as he gains in winemaking nouse - he’s only got a few vintages under his belt, which, once you taste the wines, you’ll see is extremely exciting.

The cellar is absolutely pristine, and Manuel’s scientific background is evident in the wines. They’re all squeaky clean and precise while still boasting a ton of intrigue and distinct expression. The Face Est is one of the most fascinating Chardonnays I think I’ve ever tried at this price point (or indeed at much higher price points) - 10% of the fruit is macerated, and the result is a wonderful grippy texture, searingly sharp green apple and gingery spice. The Fleurie ‘Initiatique’ is gastronomic and structured, floral (obvs) and deep with ripe, warming fruit. The Morgon ‘Psychedelique’ is earthy and bloody with a touch of spice, perhaps owing to half of the ferment being done in a barrel from Bugey that formerly housed Mondeuse. These are seriously tonic-like, the cure for whatever’s ailing you. And you know the best part? Scroll down to the price. I know. I know. My only regret leaving Manuel’s cellar is that he wasn’t selling his first ever wine experiment - a tiny barrel of Syrah that he grew on the balcony of his apartment in Lyon. Lol.

So what r u waiting for? These are raring to go, and you should be raring to get them. Throw code GIRARD10 at them for a juicy 10% off, today only. We’re too good to you!