by Megan Jones

g'day! or should I say Bonjour!

Writing this mornign from the inspirational surrounds of the Poligny Intermarche, trying to get our electric vehicle to charge enough to get us both to an appointment as well as back to Geneva airport. Honestly. The lengths we go to in order to supply you with upper echelon gear, whilst saving the environment. I sense an award coming. Note to self, figure out how to charge the car before the final morning of a rushed trip.

This aside, it's been fruitful. We have our first direct import landing in July, and hopefully a few more on the way too. More to come on those as and when. We have more pressing issues to discuss today.

On the theme of Electric, and having consumed a skinful of such wine over the past 48hrs, it has reconfirmed to me that wine with energy is one of life's essentials. One that we are more than happy to supply/chat shit about/hopefully inspire.

So, in no particular order, here are 4(ish) wines to cross your legs over.

Yannick Meckert is one to watch, not only is he good on the eye, he is also pretty good at the whole wine thing. We were first introduced to him last year via his effortlessly smashable Deux Couleurs Rouge, which will hopegully be here again soon. But in the meantime we've some textural things to devour. His A l'Ombre is a lesson in moreish complexity. Equally adept on the lunch table as at 2am. Miraculous. 

Patrice Hughes-Beguet is an interesting guy. We spent an hour with him yesterday where at first it seemed like he was going to tell us to do one, yet ended deep in the cellar leaving with a clutch of unnecessary wine considering the unicorns we'd nabbed earlier in the day.  He's making some negoce wine these days, with purchased fruit from likeminded growers throughout France as he was "getting bored" with only making sumptuous Jura reds. Fair. Fresh Impression Rouge is a go-er, a blend of all things delicious that does well chilled and transports you somewhere far nicer than home.

Anything Bodegas Cota 45. This is cheating somewhat as they make several wines. But oh well. Let's call it generosity. Unfortified Palomino from Jerez is about as niche as it gets, but that's totally fine when the wines taste this good. Saline, nutty and citrusy. Perfect foil for that huge tin of Anchovies you're dreaming of. Don't be silly, we won't have these forever.

There are few better things in life than chiselled Chardonnay. Maybe this makes me sound boring. Waxing my inner-crusty-wine-nerd persona. I'll save it by saying Ochota Barrels. Imagine the freshest, just picked Granny Smith (do these exist in the UK) and you're somwhere close. Mouthwatering but textural, nutty but crisp. What a world we live in. We get bugger all of anything from Ochota, so strike.


That's me. I reckon we've got just enough juice in the tank to cruise into the airport. Wish us luck. Bon Voyage!