by Megan Jones

G'DAY M8s!

In-between seasons is the season for light to medium bodied red wines that can go in the fridge if the sun's out. Few people do it better than us. Few places do that better than Beaujolais. So today, I bring you Beaujolade. 

We're really fortunate to have a consistent flood of the good stuff arriving. I feel we can't go a week without something coming across my desk that blows me away in terms of drinkability and interest. Yes, there's loads of Gamay and Beaujolais floating around, and yes, some of it is really shit. But that's why you come to us. We don't mess around..

So today, in no particular order because that would be unfair and that's not us...

In the playful corner are a few new arrivals from Domaine Chapel and Domaine Saint-Cyr. Playful is a term that could be used interchangeably with Dangerous for these wines. You could feasibly line all three up and cruise through an arvo. The mere thought of that makes me salivate. 

We just ripped the seal off a fresh allocation from the one and only Jean Foillard. Along with the inevitable price rise (Hi Inflation!) came an elevated level of freshness, which is something I'm far more supportive of. These are still built to last, but offer so much more accessibility off the bat than in previous vintages. How good? Very good. Grab some right here before they are gone, forever.

A re-stock from my favourite steady-eddy too. Daniel Bouland. Calling this blokes wine's steady is a huge troll and I'm already feeling apologetic. They've just got this 'make every day way better' vibe about them. Steady in that sense. A personal favourite of mine, which has absolutely nothing to do with us sharing a first name but maybe it's just fate. Find out why I love them by sipping on them.

Have a nice weekend, seriously.