by Megan Jones

Heyy, Fionn again.

Some rare, shiny things arrived this week from the elusive Bruyere-Houillon. These Jura wines are made in such tiny quantities, with such huge international demand meaning that even the best in the business like us can only get our hands on just the odd bottle here and there. Which I guess makes these special wines, a bit more special. I won’t mince my words, straight to the point this morning. The incredibly allocated wines from Bruyere-Houillon are now live. Be quick, good luck.

Ploussard is HERE

Savagnin is HERE

Chardy is HERE

Sav/Chardy is HERE

If you missed them, sorry. We'd take more if we could get 'em! We do have a bit left over from Cavarodes though. Most of these have been snapped up by eagle-eyed viewers on Insta, which you better be following btw. A few hot strays are hanging about HERE. Again, be quick, and good luck.

All this highly allocated serious wine stuff has got me fatigued. Recently, I’ve been drinking good like really good. So what's the problem? Well, I’ve found myself becoming hypercritical, over-analyzing wines, searching for faults, etc... Amid all this serious wine tasting I’ve been forgetting to just enjoy the damn wine. Wine should be fun after all right? So below are some of the wines that make me happy, that don’t need deep contemplation, and that offer refreshment in spades. Wines for drinking, not thinking. That’s not to discredit them, these are great wines in their own right but they are wines that don’t take themselves too seriously and are all the better for it. 

First up we have Ori Vin's Que Shira Shira. Aside from a truly iconic name, this is my go-to people-pleasing pet-nat. Young vine Syrah giving heaps of strawberry notes with a delightful herbal twang. Great with a spicy takeaway or down your local BYO. Joyous drinking all year round.

Next, a pair of easy-drinking red things from our very own shores. Titch Hill’s first vintage has been made with no adds and I can't stress enough how this is no easy feat on this sorry island. The wines are already tasting accomplished though, spritzy and spritly. Wild Combination has as much spring in its step as the Arthur Russell song it shares a name with. Fieldwork is a little deeper and has a whisper more grip on the palate. Here it's clear to see that both the Pinots seem to be enjoying their young lives in these chalky soils just a stone's throw from the sea. Nimble, youthful hedgerow-y fruit aplenty with this one!

Speaking of Pinot, Durrmann’s 2022 is up there with my favourite wines for glugging. A wildy enticing nose meets summer pudding fruit on the palate. There is a signature mineral core that you’ll often find in Pinot from these parts too if you want to put that thinking cap back on. Serve chilled on its own, or with food as it warms up. Either way, always a winner. 

Those should be enough to lift your spirits if you missed out on those silly Jura bottles above. If it makes you feel any better, not even I could get one for myself as I wanted them to go to good homes! 

This week has also seen the long-awaited return of a few favourites. Firstly, SOLOs are back in Dan’s for all those who have been nagging us this past week alongside some Caramel Crowns. Nice. 

Online, we’ve got the new vintage of Vincenzo. Which is something skinsy for around £15 and is not shit. That's no easy feat these days, and I expect this will be doing numbers in the bar this week! Similarly, Meinklang is in healthy supply and was flying last week. I can see why, proper Tropical Five Alive stuff. 

That's enough rambling, gotta pack some special things for some lucky folks.

Take it easy,