by Megan Jones


Tuesdays are my time 2 shine!

For those who like to live a life of extremes, welcome back to the good part. 31 long days and nights. We've missed you, I've missed you, you've missed us. 

Whilst you've been away we've been firing on all cylinders, something that's definitely not gonna stop. The hardest part about this is figuring out where to start...

Fine, Germany it is. Two Rheinhessen big guns. Keller and Wittmann, or should I say und. These are two of my go-to's for dry, powerful yet refreshing white wines. Desert island gear. 

Fizz? Something to celebrate? Me? Top end gear from Laherte Freres and Miniere just arrived. 

Chillable red that'll impress your mates and also the olds? Folie Sauvage from Heitz-Lochardet is the one. Pinot/Gamay. Yummy/Yummy.

Natty icon Jean-Pierre Robinot is back, bringing the goods. Powerful Chenin, l'Iris, my pick of his bunch all the time, is joined by some new gear under the Opera label. Something 4 everyone.

And finally, off of Etna. Some new Vino di Anna. Vendredi 13. Friday 13. Full field blend. Full on delicious.

Woop Woop! You deserve it