7th April – 😈 IT'S RAINING CULT BOOZE! Angeli, Bonnezeaux, Arnot-Roberts, Thevenet! OMG, Limited Stocks

by Megan Jones


Apologies in advance for lighting up your Thursday morning 💦 Some things can't wait.

I'll just dive straight in as time is precious and I need to go buy baguettes for this evenings service. Life is tough.

I'll kick off with the allocated gear, the ultra-rare stuff... In wine there's this term "Unicorn" to describe hard to get bottles. Mostly these things just end up on restaurant lists an extortionate prices, but me being me, I'd like to see them end up with YOU! Yes, You!

Mark Angeli is one such producer, with his Ferme de la Sansonnière in the Layon. This is sweet wine territory, but as with all appellations, there are soils better suited to other escapades. I've got a few bottles of Gélinettes which is Grolleau Noir. First in best dressed.

Onto Chateau de Bonnezeaux! A long lost property brought back to life in a big way. Again, sweet wine territory with a twist, as the focus is on dry Chenin Blanc. There's two, yes, two, bottles of Frimas up for grabs. Suitably life changing. If you get one, I'd recommend putting it to sleep for a while. That's if you are a quick clicker.

I spent a while on Tuesday night at the Chardonnay tasting mocking American wine producers. It was all tongue in cheek, I swear... Glad to be able to introduce the wines of Arnot-Roberts, who have been something of a go-to for me ever since I started to take wine seriously and developed some sort of taste. As with most top end New World booze, it's Euro-inspired, and you can taste it, whilst remaining free-spirited and expressive. A whole mix of stuff on offer here, including what I'd consider to be the USA's best Chardonnay, as well as their best Gamay and Trousseau. Probably the best Syrah too. Can you tell I have a crush?

I'll leave you with something extra spesh. I definitely am not short of bullshit Beaujolais/Gamay, but some things you can't say no too. Thévenet floats under the radar of the trendy/natty Bojo makers, which is good, as the prices have stayed sane. Probably the most age worthy of the Morgon lot, these are some to jump on. You can have the 'Tradition' whilst you wait for the Vieilles Vignes to come round. Or just do them side by side. It's entirely up to you!

There's also new arrivals from Chavy-Chouet (bullshit Aligote and Chardy), Maxime Magnon (very, very good Corbieres), Pacalet (Northern Rhone gear) and much, much more... see them all here.

Remember, order by 2:30pm if you want it tomorrow.