30th August – Just A Casual Envínate + Lapierre Kind Of Tuesday 😼

by Megan Jones


Welcome back, hope you're well. Full ghost town vibes around London today, so I assume many of you are horizontal WFH. Fair call. Something to rouse you here though... It certainly roused me enough to order a mammoth amount to arrive on a Friday morning, a day that's typically kept free as a bird before we get absolutely reamed all night in the bar. 

Onto the good stuff...

Envínate are back, in a big way. We've received a transformative mixed bag of their Tenerifan booze. I was fortunate enough to cruise around Taganana earlier this year and in the leaderboard of spectacular places to grow grapes this has got to be pretty bloody close to the top. Breathtaking place. These wines perfectly capture that sea spray influenced, wild terroir and calm surfside lifestyle. They're full of interest and intrigue if you're keen to go looking, whilst remaining at their core just a joy to drink. Like most things coming off these soils of volcanic origin, they need a bit of air. The whole spread is available right here. Do your worst, I sure did.

Isn't it funny, the things you find in the most unexpected places. It fills me with pure joy at the potential for Natty Boy etc over the coming years, the wines we're gonna get access to just blow me away. You're reading the right email, that's for sure.

Lapierre is back! Somehow with a better price (it pays to go digging) and in way better quantities (it really does pay to go digging). I've taken a great chunk of 2021 Morgon, as well as an even better chunk of their hen's teeth like Le Beaujolais, which you just don't see, believe me. Not the worst timing considering we're about to enter the prime light/medium bodied red period, one of the greatest periods of the year. Have a crack here.

Our next tasting, after which we'll be taking a short hiatus whilst I take a quick trip back down-under, is next Tuesdee. There's 4 spots left. Thoughts?

Sweet that's us. Have to run, just realised my passport expired 6 months ago.