27th January – New Fizz

by Megan Jones

Morning All!

Champers heavy atm. Things could be worse. Feeling lucky? These are for you. New booze from Vouette et Sorbee (biodynamic farming, intensely vinous), Aurelien Suenen (organic, pristine Chardy from Grand Cru sties) and a re-up for Laherte Freres (show me prettier labels. Love a pretty label. PRETTY!). The fizz range makes me salivate, amongst other things, have a gander here.

This chill screams one thing louder than most, mid weight Italian red wine and various types of pasta. Lucky I've got plenty. Here you go...

Cascina Tavijn Vino Rosso - meaty, fragrant, ultra fresh, a bit out there, herbal, free flowing. Thoughts?

COS Frapatto - you honestly just need one sniff. You'll be done for. The ultimate semi-boundary pushing but also extremely classy crowd pleasing Sicilian. Honestly

Le Chiuse Rosso di Montalcino - a classy establishment. They have some of the old Soldera vineyards, which probably means nothing to you, but is kind of a big deal. Anyway, this is fkn good Sangiovese. Like seriously fkn good. Don't just take me word for it

Roagna! Bloody Roagna. I really wanna list some Barbaresco from this mob but it's hens teeth vibes. Dolcetto is good but. When you study wine you learn that Dolcetto means 'little sweet thing' or something like that, and then you get a chilled bottle of Brown Brothers Dolcetto and Syrah from the local BWS and your life is ruined. Fortunately producers like Roagna exist. This is the real deal

Is that enough? Of course not. Occhipinti. SP68. Rosso. Good Thanks. Considering I've never been to Sicily I've quite the crush. One of those things from afar. Too nervous to say anything. What a wine. Nero d'Avola never tasted so good, probably cus that naughty Frapatto is back in the mix. Ok that's enough.

Remember to order by 2pm ish if you want that weekend good booze situation.