18th October – New + Limited + Quite Good Jura 😈

by Megan Jones


Clearly everyone either loves our company or is into good wine as the Dalston Wine Mile on the weekend went gangbusters and the Beaujolais Party sold out asap. How good! ILY!

Good news on the Jura front, finally, let's hope this is just the start of a golden run into the festive season. A newbie today, but one who is already thundering up the ranks of those in the know. Strictly allocated wines at the age of 25, really makes me feel like a piece. Anyway, enough self deprecation, we're doing alright. Very pleased to be able to offer out a mixed lot of Cellier Saint Benoit on this fine Tuesday morning. Young Benjamin has just taken over the domaine, having done his time with the likes of Lachaux, Faure and Berthaut in Burgundy. He coulda chosen worse places to work... Clean, minimal intervention in the winery, and lutte raisonnée in the vineyards. The domaine is based in Pupillin, Ploussard territory, and the reds in particular offer extreme amounts of drinkability. 

One to watch. The mixed bag is available here.

Short and sweet today. This is my last week in Australia and I have a fair bit of wine consumption planned.