by Megan Jones



Emailing on a Monday, must be perky. Whilst that's true, it's also a short week on the wine delivery front. Here's what's going on our end, so you can plan things on yours. 

Natty Boy

All things as per Monday-Wednesday, with same day dipsatch and next business day delivery everywhere if you order before 2:30pm.

Anything ordered after that to addresses that are outside of Central London won't arrive until after the Easter Bank Hols.

If you're in London, the good folk who do our deliveries are operating all weekend so it's business as per. Wicked.

dan's - bar n shop

Maybe you want to take your long weekend and spend it in a nice place. That's a great idea. We have a nice place. Here are the hours for dan's.

Monday - Saturday things are as per usual

Easter Sunday - Closed

Onto more tasty news.

It's mildly appropriate that as I'm back home topping up the vitamin D, some of the most heralded wine from the sunnier continent arrives in London. We just received our Ochota Barrels allocation. There's not much going around this year. We must have done something wrong in a past life. So do the thing here.

There's a handful of spots left for a night of sumptous cheese and wet dreams on Monday the 17th, so if you were umming and ahing, it might be time to make a move. Make said move here.

Last week I asked where you'd want another wine bar in London that didn't suck. Thanks for all the feedback and links. Truly overwhelming. I do have some news. We're going bigger this year, with Ken's opening in mid-June on Exmouth Market. It's going to thump. You'll all be first in for softs when I figure out exactly how I'm going to get the amount of work that needs to be done on the joint done in the next few months. I'll have the keys at the start of May, and will likely be there 24/7 sanding and painting, so come say hi.

That's it for today, there's a beach to go and lie down on.