by Megan Jones

Hey, Fionn again!

It’s been a big week in terms of arrivals here at HQ. Feels like A LOT of really good stuff has come in and plenty of it has already gone back out through our doors. With vintage struggles and demands only on the up often we can only bag tiny quantities of some of our favourite wines. If you want to beat the crowds then this is a friendly reminder you should give us a follow on Instagram. This is the best place to find out about the freshest of the fresh, and the rarest of the rare.

So whilst the likes of Skyaasen and Domaine Dandelion have already been and gone I better turn my attention to what else has landed this week. With harvests truly underway it felt like a good time to re-stock on some wines from our own shores. Titch Hill is a new project based on the chalky soils down in Sussex and I’m very happy to have a few of their first releases on our shelves. Working with organic principles is no easy feat on this miserable island but this coupled with being just 10km from the sea means that they’ve really managed to capture a true sense of place. Utterly delicious, which is quite an achievement considering this is their first vintage and all are made with no additions. Field Work is a juicy blend of Pinot Noir and Meunier which is light and breezy with just a whisper of tannin. Wild Combination is a lively, refreshing pet-nat with razor-sharp acidity and low alcohol making it an ideal candidate for what I like to call breakfast wine. By this, I don’t mean you should literally drink it for breakfast (you definitely could) but that it’s one of those wines you can polish off early in the day without sweating too much. These are incredibly fun wines, made right here and I personally think it’s incredibly exciting to see how the English wine landscape has really taken off over the last few years. I hope you all feel the same!

From slightly further afield we just restocked on some Jolie-Laide. If you haven’t tried these yet then more fool you. Perhaps some of the most captivating wines that California has to offer partly due to the use of native ferments, exceptional quality of fruit, and neutral oak and cement for aging. A true breath of fresh air in a world where all too often the wines of Cali are overly oaked and extracted to within an inch of their lives. There has been a healthy top-up of both the Pinot and Trousseau Gris, both stunning and expressive. Hot of the press is their first Aligoté release which is also in fine shape. Finally, if you’re a redhead then we have a silly good GSM blend for you. This echoes and outshines plenty of the famed examples found in the Rhone.

Also, not sure if you’ve heard about this place called Ken’s. It’s that quite good new wine bar over in Exmouth Market. Well yeah, they’re hosting a very exciting event at the start of November. You can expect seriously good grub all washed down by the wines from Marto. We’ve been pouring the Crazy Crazy Pet Nat here at Dan’s this week and it’s been flying. I personally can't think of a better way to spend a Monday night in November. Tickets here.

That’s enough from me, plenty of boxes to unpack.

Take it easy,