by Megan Jones

Hey, Fionn again!

We have some exciting things in the pipeline that I thought I'd chat about this week. See ya later January, here's to a frivolous February.

First up, a cheese-filled dream for all you hopeless romantics. On the 14th of Feb, we are teaming up with our nearest and dearest Jumi for a night full of Fondue + Wine + Love. Tickets include all the melted cheese you could ever want, a glass on arrival to settle those nerves, and as always, immaculate romantic candle-lit vibes. There will be a special selection of adorable wines BTG (debating pouring only wines made by couples lol). Rare, elite stuff will adorn the shelves if you feel like splitting a fancy bottle with someone you fancy as well. With the number of first dates that have rolled through the doors at Dan's, there must be a few cute couples out there who’d like to celebrate this loved-up day at the place where it all began right? 

If you're like my colleague Jaime and for some reason have a weird phobia of cheese or if you're just not into the whole Valentine's Day thing then fear not. The bar will be open as usual pouring good things into glasses and putting tasty snacks on plates.

Moving from romantic love to vinous love we will have the very talented Fedellos gracing Dan’s on the 26th. These are wines close to my heart. I wrote about them in one of my first emails here. Bastarda is delicate, detailed, and delicious. As Xaras is pound for pound the best value wine we stock. Plus there will be a couple of electrifying whites for good measure alongside some delicious nibbles for your bellies. Gonna be a blast! TIX HERE.

Next up for your diary, Ken‚Äôs will be hosting Dominik Huber of¬†Terroir al L√≠mit¬†on the 28th. No doubt about it, this guy makes the best Priorat on the planet. A Burgundian-like approach in the cellar means these are not your usual over-oaked monsters from your traumatic WSET days. This will be an amazing opportunity to hear from one of the iconic voices behind the resurgence of fine Spanish wines. Rajat Parr has described his attention to detail in the vineyards to be ‚Äėmaniacal‚Äô. Trust me, you can taste the painstaking work that has gone into these wines. Only baller wines like¬†this beauty¬†will be¬†poured.¬†ALL DETAILS & TIX HERE.

Clear those diaries and get booking!

Take it easy,