💕 HOT WINE DUMP Feat. Testalonga + Marnes Blanches

by Megan Jones


Temperatures rising! Quite literally as today the ground isn't frozen which is nice but also because late last week we landed some of the more eagerly anticipated wines of January, and subsequently it is getting hot in here (click for the backing music to today's musings). We're a bit late on the email front today, for which I can only apologise. I hope you all found something to occupy your minds, and I promise to be back at you on Thursday between 10:30-11am. Never again. 

So, how about that hot wine.

It comes from South Africa.

It comes from Craig and Carla. 

There's heaps of different wines because they are crazy. Crazy good.

Pet-Nats, Skinsy Things, Ultra Serious Chenins, Playful and Chillable Reds + More Meaty Reds. The scope knows no ends. What a time to be alive! Yay, Testalonga.

Over to another bountiful hunting ground for us and also for you. 

New releases from Les Marnes Blanches! As usual, and as is the theme today, incredible breadth to the range, with a tonne of single site expressions that are new on the shelves, as well as some fizz, some sweet stuff and some eau de vie................... yum. 

Plenty to mull over, plenty to sip on. All the new stuff is right here.

Our next tasting is gonna be on Tuesday the 21st of Feb, with tickets going on sale on Thursday. Thursday is also gonna see some new cute packs. Did someone say Overnoy? he he he. Fingers at the ready.

Have a nice arvo