by Megan Jones

Hey, Fionn coming at you this Thursday.

New name but it has been business as usual. A stock take, a pallet arriving tomorrow and plenty of wine moving from box to shelf. Also, no slowing down on the buying front with plenty of new good gear gracing the warehouse.

First up, we received a healthy allocation from Dario Prinčič. An OG of all things orange. Located in Oslavia, a stone's throw from Radikon and Gravner. He and his peers helped forge the path for the heavily macerated whites that now adorn wine lists worldwide. The vineyards sit on south-facing, steep slopes, and are farmed without any chemical BS. Everything is painstakingly done by hand, and in the cellar grapes get destemmed before seeing some kind of maceration. Nothing is ever added, aside from a smidge of sulphur when deemed necessary. Gonna go out on a limb and say these could be some of my favs from the region. The style falls somewhere between Raidkon and Gravner. Not as wild as Radikon, but certainly more approachable than Gravner. In my eyes, this is the sweet spot.

Sivi is what they call Pinot Grigio in these parts. At this point it not only looks like a light red but drinks like one too. Think blood oranges, amaro spice and all things nice.

The Ribolla Gialla is all about texture. Expect plenty of grip alongside dried stone fruit and all the savoury stuff.

Jakot is the local name for Tokaj Friulano. For legal reasons, and to save us from getting confused with the sweet stuff in Hungary you can’t put Tokaj on the label anymore. How did they get round this legal challenge? Well they just spelled it backwards, duh! Candied almost caramel like with plenty of ginger and herbs.

My fav though is THIS big old blend. Can’t explain why, it’s just so effortless. You’ll have to trust me.

Finally, an even bigger blend HERE. Only made with the best grapes. Only made in the best years. Just the 3 vintages of this so far, so not something you see everyday. Take the hint and stock up whilst you can.

These are proper bucket list wines. Without these wines we probably wouldn't have ALL this orange stuff you clearly love so much. Without these wines IDK what you thirsty lot at Dan’s would drink if not for all those ‘Easy Skinsys’. Basically, without these wines life would be pretty boring. Do the thing, buy them, drink them, enjoy them.

Not just elite level skins, got some elite level Jura. We’ve got a bit more of Labet. Packed for your pleasure here and here, a bit of Boulanger, and a big bit of Benoit. Casual.

You want even more allocated stuff? Well odd bits and bobs from Tscheppe are also now online.

More? Limited and legendary bottles from Angelli for good measure.

I could go on and on. Basically, we’ve been busy. There is also plenty more of the hard to get stuff that I don’t have time to mention back online too. Take your time, flick through the shiny new site, and you might stumble across a hidden gem or two.