by Megan Jones

What’s up winos,

Good weekend? I was in sunny Scotland, and for once I’m actually not being sarcastic, it was indeed sunny. Will wonders never cease? Shipped a case of wine up there to greet me upon arrival too, coz, no offence, but I don’t trust my family’s taste in booze. Call me a snob, whatever. I am what u made me.

On to fun things. Got a tiny (TINY) drop of La Rogerie champerz. I tasted these last week, and believe me when I say you’re going to want to get your chops round them. Think I’ve talked about La Rogerie on here before, so if you’ve heard this one then press fast forward. If not – La Rogerie are a winemaking power couple, one from Alsace, one from Champagne, with holdings in both terroirs. I like to think of them as the Romeo and Juliet of wine, only with fewer murder-suicide pacts. We’re over on the Champagne side this week – got two of the La Heroine cuvée, which uses wine that Francois’ dad made, coz it takes a wee while to get started as a winemaker and Francois wanted to hit the ground running. Got the 2014 and the 2015, and the 2016 will be the last ever vintage of this cuvée coz Francois’ dad’s wine is all gone and he ain’t makin no more. Both bottles are all grand cru fruit from Avize, from old vines planted way back in the 40s and 50s. The 2014 is on the fresher side of the spectrum while the 2015 is a little richer, but you basically can’t go wrong with either. Last up from La Rogerie is the Lieu de Vie cuvée, which is 75% 2020 fruit and the rest coming from ’18 and ’19. This is super rich, full bodied, stone-fruited, spicy, just nice nice nice. Don’t wait around til you’ve got something to celebrate, Champagne is for every day. Celebrate LIFE, people. Amirite?

On the more event-shaped side of things, our friends over at Ken’s are hosting their inaugural tasting/dinner party/general knees-up with Marto Wines, coming our way from Rheinhessen in Germany. Marto (aka Martin Wörner) is at the forefront of a hot new wave of winemakers who are shaking things up and changing what the world thinks about German natural wine. His first vintage in 2016 was a mere 2500 bottles, which disappeared faster than you can say Auf Wiedersehen, and he was the talk of the town while everyone eagerly awaited his 2017s. He’s from an agricultural background, his grandfather being one of the first in the village to bottle wines under his own name rather than flogging them to the co-op. Martin’s dad let the side down a bit by focusing his attention on strawberries instead (boring!) but then Martin grew up and took over the vines, and boom, Marto was born. He earned his stripes at Gut Oggau and Matassa, then put his newfound knowledge to work. His wines are so alive, so fun, so delicious, you’re not gonna want to miss this. Also don’t you want to say you were at the first party at Ken’s, soon to be iconic and legendary London eatery? I know I do! Get ur ticket here, c u there!

Speaking of tastings, you have ONE WEEK to snag the final few tickets to Mick Craven’s tasting next Tues. I’m serious, don’t come crying 2 me in the DMs when it’s all sold out on the day.

Love u!