by Megan Jones

What’s up winos,

Megan here with a highly topical email – British wine for distinctly British weather. If anything, this summer should make us even more in awe of the fact that it’s possible to make wine in this godforsaken country at all. All hail English winemakers.

Tonight we’ve got Tim Wildman and Matt Gregory, two of the greats, in the bar for our pet nat tasting. No tickets left, soz if you didn’t get one (although next tasting is live and selling fast, so rectify your past mistakes here), but if you wanna drink along at home, here’s what we’ll be pouring.

First up is Lost in a Field from Tim Wildman, a heady blend of fourteen (fourteen!) UK heritage varieties that all join forces to produce a wine that’s creamy, rhubarb-y and summery. Not that we’re having a summer, but there’s only so many times I can complain about that in one email, so that’s the last time I’ll mention it. Probably. Also from the Wild Man (geddit) we’ll be pouring Astro Bunny, one of Tim’s Aussie wines, a delicious, spicy, tropical mix giving peachy, watermelon-y nectarine-y vibes. Word of the day is FUN! If u wanna have fun, click here. Turn up the central heating, throw on a bikini and pretend you’re on the beach. If u want.

Next up are three pours from Matt Gregory, making wine in the Leicestershire Wolds. What is a wold, anyway? A question for another day. We’ve got the Ancestral White, all elderflower and lime, the Ancestral Pink, juicy and a bit earthy, and the Ancestral Red, floral and spicy. There’s an adjective in there for everyone, I’m pretty sure.

We’ve also got two of Westwell’s finest cuvées – their Double Pinot, a gorgeous, crunchy, chillable red, and their Pelegrim sparkling, with serious depth thanks to 36 months spent on the lees. You can keep bashing English wine, and I’ll keep doing my bit to prove you wrong. Or you can prove yourself wrong and give some of these a try. Don’t you want to be ahead of the curve?

See u around!