by Megan Jones

What’s up winos,

Megan comin atcha live and in person on a TUESDAY. How lucky are you? Apologies for my tardiness today, I was waiting for some goodies to arrive. These are worth the wait.

So I had the pleasure of taking a little trip to the Mosel in Germany last week courtesy of Indigo Wines – the full recap of which, including a visit to Andreas Bender’s Riesling torture chamber, you can read here – and I’m still in a Riesling state of mind. Speaking of Bender, firstly, you can pick up his yum Pinot Noir right here – German Pinot, as I’ve alluded to before, is not always a pleasant experience, but this one is delish. Nice little price point too.

Back to Riesling. The highlight of the Germany trip for me was a visit to Clemens Busch, king of Riesling, king of having a winery right on the banks of the Mosel river in the most peaceful place imaginable. We already had a couple of his bad boys in stock, inc his entry level cuvée here and another lovely bottle from his Nonnengarten vineyard (which I’ve TOUCHED with my HANDS, how cool am I! Don’t worry, I didn’t break anything) – but after meeting the man in the flesh, I wanted to expand our range, for your drinking pleasure. So, one more bottle for you. I’ve got the Riesling Marienburg GG Falkenlay, which was the one I wrote 12/10 and DELICIOUS next to on my notes, although I was eight wines down at that point so was feeling generally effusive. I stand by my notes, though. The fruit in this one is on the sweeter side, edging towards candied, but it’s all kept in check by that typical Clemens Busch acidity. This wine is just stupid good. Get it. Here.

On the slightly more wallet-friendly end of the scale, we just got in the Pinot Blanc from Maximin Grunhaus, who also make a very good but also very nicely priced Riesling. I love Pinot Blanc. I think it’s often overshadowed by its bigger, ballsier grape compadres, but I’m gonna keep championing it. This one is lovely and rounded, creamy and fruity, saline and mineral, adjective and adjective. Most importantly it’s a steal. Go steal it.

Speaking of Riesling, we had a magnum of it at family dinner last night. So I need to go put my head in a washing machine. Have a good one!