Top 4 Natural Wines For September

by Daniel Long

Here we go! Shorter days and cooler nights calling for some medium-bodied juice. In no particular order, here's the top 4!

Goisot 'Corps de Garde' Rouge 2017

A producer that'll need little introduction to anyone who follows me. Proof that you don't need a trendy label to be an outstanding natural maker. This is Pinot Noir from the northerly climes of the Cotes d'Auxerre, in between Burgundy-proper and Chablis. Cool climate and limestone soils = racy and saline Pinot. There's some plump fruit and decent weight, but this is mostly about pretty florals and lithe texture. 

Monteforche 'Lo Sfuso di Collina' 2020

Mostly Cab Franc here, at its vibrant best. Occasionally you'll find some spritz in this wine, that's just unresolved CO2, and will blow away in minutes. Fresh as! You're gonna get all that wonderful Franc pepper and spice followed up by some pretty concentrated black fruit flavours all carried along by a bracing acid line. Crown sealed for easy access too!

Tetramythos Mavro Kalavrytino Natur 2019

A mouthful to pronounce, but the easiest mouthful to consume. An alpine Greek red full of character and lift. This is free run juice, which is the finest, lightest juice coming out of the press (basically just gravity induced) giving minimal extraction. Perfume to the fore! This will have you sitting in the mountains overlooking the Med.

Vignoble de Reveur 'Pierres Sauvages' 2019

Quasi red/orange/white. All the Pinot family in the mix here, Noir, Blanc and Gris! This is a textural beauty, combining the power of Alsace with complexity of fruit. All the wines from Deiss Jnr are stunners, and this is no different. Crazy value for what quality you're getting.

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