• Fionn's Spring Skinsy Case

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Fionn's Spring Skinsy Case

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Skin contact - it's a weird n wonderful world, and once you dip a toe in you'll never look back. This pack is perfect for the toe dippers. Three easy going, refreshing, beautifully made orange wines that serve as an ideal entry point. Be prepared to understand what all the fuss is about.

In this pack you'll get:

1 x Entre Vinyes, Brisat 2022
- proper crowd pleasing territory here with the perfect balance of texture, aromatics and fruit. I challenge you not to like this.

1 x Domaine Gross, Tryo 2022
- the entry level bottling from one of our own direct imports, Tryo is such a best seller that we have trouble keeping it in stock. One sip of this and you'll understand why. Ultimate refreshment, peachy fruited, and a cute pink colour to boot.

1 x Testalonga, Stay Brave 2023
- fresh and apple-y skin contact Chenin from South African natural wine legends Testalonga, aka the producers who can do no wrong.

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