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Dan's 'Go HaRd' Case

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Magic - how good is it?

In this pack you'll get:

1 x Dappled, Les Vergers Chardonnay
- A Chardonnay of great line and length is one of life's great pleasures, and much like fast medium paced bowlers, the best source is Australia. Full disclosure, I import this myself, but for good reason. A personal stash. This is breathtaking, take a deep breath. 

1 x Comando G, Navaltagordo

- Fire up the barbie, it's time. Thank me later.

1 x Gross, Cremant d'Alsace 'Louis'
- I know you folk from these parts have an attachment to Cremant, and it doesn't get much better. Pour this in an unmarked glass and we'd all be happily drinking elite level grower Champers. It's that good. Better yet, because the bottle doesn't say Champagne, you can drink it on a Monday. Rules are rules.

Heaps x Magic

Bottoms Up.

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