• .... Parched + Dan's x Tutto Wines: Alice in Jura-land

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.... Parched + Dan's x Tutto Wines: Alice in Jura-land

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That's right, baby! A whole evening dedicated to the iconic Jura wines of Domaine l'Octavin's Alice Bouvot! Do we spoil you or what? Though we won't have the lady herself in attendance, we've got the next best thing - Fred from Tutto Wines, aka Alice's importer, who's gonna tell us all about them. 

In case you're not in the know (and shame on u if u aren't) Alice is a legendary winemaker based in the Jura, though she makes negoce wines from fruit hailing from all over the place. A truly instinctive vigneronne, Alice makes an eye-popping number of cuvees, the winemaking decisions for which aren't made until the fruit arrives in the cellar. No recipe books here. Her wines are energetic, eclectic and vibrant. This is gonna be a special one.

Here are the details:

Dan's - 2- 4 Tottenham Rd, N1 4BZ

Tuesday 14th May


Tickets £45 ea

4 wines + light snacks

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